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Outdoor Learning Programs

Outdoor Learning Program helps you and your team to minimize the rising gap of class room learning and professional outdoor challenges among Managers, Engineers, Engineering & Management Students, Environment Studies Researchers, Sales & Service Executives and other professionals.

These learning programs will thrill you, test you, and then teach you the lesson.

You will gain skills in some of the area like managing outdoor variables, leadership and management, team building and team management, fear and stress management, operation & risk management, time and resource management, change management, outdoor survival techniques, and outdoor sustainability management.

Adventure Programs

Feel the thrill from our adventure programs offered to you that include camping, trekking, jungle safari, wildlife-watching, bird-watching, rapelling, mountain summit, rafting, paragliding, paramotoring, boating and many more.

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(1) Camping & Trekking on all trails in Uttarakhand.
(2) Jungle safari, Wildlife-watching and Bird-watching.
(3) Paragliding & Paramotoring.
(4) Rafting & Boating.

Importance of Outdoor Learning

Outdoors is astonishing, thrilling and challenging. Only those who have learnt to manage outdoor challenges may fully enjoy it.

Outdoors is important for everyone, be it an individual, an Engineer, a Manager, a Politicians, an, Advocate, a Doctor or any other professional to improve their knowledge and enhance expertise in their domain. Outdoors boost our mental, moral, and physical abilities.

A good wanderer is not outdoorsy only for fun but is eager to learn and test his/her capabilities in challenging outdoors. Through exploration, a traveller should discover new or a very little-known facts for the world and also learn about the environment, people, culture and language of the places travelled. According to our ancient Indian texts:

"If a person travels different countries and serves a scholar (works under one as an apprentice/research scholar/practitioner), then his intellect will expand just like an oil drop on a watery surface".

-Subhashit Manjiri 11-89


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